wwd_ofe3In 2016, over 676,000 pounds of additional food was provided to roughly 3,200 needy households through Operation Fresh Express (OFE). 1,9948 were children and over 1,500 were seniors.  Without OFE, much of this nutritious food would be discarded due to lack of refrigeration capacity. Each week, groups and individuals sponsor OFE distributions where an average of over 16,900 pounds of perishable food (frozen, dairy products, and fresh produce) is directly distributed to needy families by WCFB staff and volunteers at sites throughout Westmoreland County. Sponsorship is $400.

OFE distributions are held Monday-Thursday once a week.  If you would like to volunteer at or sponsor an OFE, please contact Michelle at 724.468.8660 ext. 25 or e-mail her: michelle@westmorelandfoodbank.org.

OFE Sponsorship