In 2014, Feeding America released the Hunger in America national study and revealed that, one in five, 20% of households served by the Feeding America network has at least one member that has served in the military. Here at home, 389 individuals served by the Westmoreland County Food Bank last year identified themselves as veterans. Our military families are frequently overlooked for many public assistance programs, yet they are more often those who need aid the most.

In our pursuit to end hunger here at home, the Westmoreland County Food Bank launched the Military Share Program in 2016.  The new program supplied a limited number of military families in Westmoreland County with a box full of fresh, frozen, and nonperishable food items. The Food Bank worked with representatives from the Pennsylvania National Guard Family Assistant Center to deliver this much needed aid. With just two distribution events at the end of 2016, the Military Share Program has already served 68 families comprised of 179 individuals (110 adults age 18-59; 55 children age birth-17; and 14 seniors age 60+) with 71 boxes or 9,207 pounds of charitable food assistance.  Since many who serve are hesitant to accept assistance, the aid was delivered in a convenient and discreet manner on-site at a local armory. Members of the military help protect us in our nation’s time of need, so it is only fair that we serve them in their time of need.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative in Westmoreland County, please contact Jennifer Miller at 724.468.8660 ext 15 or via email at With your help, the Westmoreland County Food Bank can enable our military families who are hungry or at risk of hunger to have ready access to food.