We accept walk-in donations at the Food Bank in Delmont Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  If you have a large donation that will require assistance unloading, please come before 3:00 PM when the warehouse is still open.


We also have a number of donated food drop-off sites around Westmoreland County:

If you have a large amount of food collected and are unable to bring it to one of these locations on your own, please contact Doug Miller, Warehouse Coordinator, at 724.468.8660 ext. 26 or to arrange a pick-up.

All donated items must:

      • Armstrong Cable photo 3-11-15Be non-perishable. This would include any canned or boxed items, juices, pasta, canned meats, sauces, prepared foods, etc.
      • Have original manufacturer’s label. If the label of an item is missing, we will not be able to redistribute the item.
      • Be free from obvious defect or contamination. This could include “popped tops” on cans and mold or rust on cans, bottles, ect.

Most needed items include: cereal, tuna, fruit or vegetable
juice, canned fruit or vegetables, pasta, peanut butter, jelly, macaroni & cheese, canned soup.

We cannot accept the following:

  • Homemade goods or canned items
  • Baby food in jars
  • Prescription drugs
  • Any item that has been opened or if the seal is broken

Perishable Food Items

Westmoreland County Food Bank has the capability to transport, store, and deliver perishable foods such as meats, produce, and dairy products. In our small fleet of trucks, we have a 22’ refrigerated box truck. At our Delmont warehouse, we have 46,500 cubic feet of freezer space and 31,500 cubic feet of cooler space in which to store perishable items for distribution.

baby with appleWe routinely handle more than 10,000 pounds of donated warehouse-damaged frozen foods that we sort and repackage, rescuing about 7,500 pounds of wholesome food for people in need each week.
We pick up produce and bread products from local grocery stores and bakeries on a regular schedule. You can sign on to be a regular stop on our schedule.

Because we deliver food to pantries and agencies virtually every working day of the month, we have a continuous outlet for perishable foods, such as dairy products and produce, which are so important to dietary health. Westmoreland County Food Bank can pick up donations of unsold products from businesses that are interested in seeing that good, but unsold products do not go to waste.

If you have perishable foods that you would like to donate, but are unsure if we can accept them, please call us. A member of our staff will determine the suitability of your donation for our use.

Click here to download our Food Drive Packet. It contains everything you need to conduct a successful Food Drive! For more information on conducting a food drive to benefit WCFB, please contact Louise Wilhelm, Volunteer & Food Drive Cooridnator, at 724.468-.660 ext. 13 or